Yesterday major AMM Uniswap disclosed that the v3 is launched on the mainnet. Uniswap v3 promises advanced new features and opportunities for yield generation. But I want to talk about some technical specifics of this upgrade and how it will affect some popular projects in the crypto space.

In v3…

Or hello from 2011.

An essential feature of the standard attack against Bitcoin is to point to the price charts generated by an exchanges and then use that as definitive proof of Bitcoin’s unsuitability for any purpose.

The attack uses these charts to ‘prove’ that Bitcoin is a mania, like…

The appeal of Wei in 1998 year:I am fascinated by Tim May's crypto-anarchy. Unlike the communities
traditionally associated with the word "anarchy", in a crypto-anarchy the
government is not temporarily destroyed but permanently forbidden and
permanently unnecessary. It's a community where the threat of violence is
impotent because violence is impossible, and violence…

Transaction systems are gradually, and very cautiously, being interconnected via the internet.

3 dimensions never fit on paper. You get a cube, or stack of squares, such as the monthly budgets for many departments, or combined budget for many product lines. It becomes more convenient to browse with a computer.

August 25, 2003
Todd Boyle


Using the REA Ontology
Economic Resources (balance sheet accounts)
Economic Events (double-entry accounting transactions)
Economic Agents (parties)
RFA model
REA materialization scheme
Account classification of economic transfer events
Uncertainty Principle
No Replication
NDEA: new double-entry accounting
1. includes Unposted information

From: “Todd Boyle” <tboyle@r…>
Date: Mon Jul 31, 2000 10:29 pm
Subject: Freenet, smart chips and bartergod
To: AICPA’s XBRL mailing list, GNUE list, dbs list

Cal said Friday, July 21, on Digital Bearer Settlement List

> What is serving for money today already has no permanent store of value.

This is an unfamiliar topic to some users of computer and internet. Below, you will find a life preserver, thrown to us by people who have put more thought into it than the average CPA or accountant.

I preface these readings with one simple observation: people are born free, and…

Andy Toshi

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